Creator Q&A: The Most Famous Artist

Matty Mo is creating community with $ART

His career path is one you wouldn’t traditionally find in the art world. Early hats have included tech founder, advisor, investor, marketing entrepreneur, and more recently — artist / creative innovator.

He understands the inner workings of the tech / social industry and can utilize trends to create shareable entertainment in a way that few have figured out.

These days he oversees a decentralized art collective (@tmfacommunity) executing headline-worthy projects, building education tools, launching thematic NFT drops, and building utility for his social token ($ART).

Some of my favorite past projects of his include the “Private Jet Experience” in which he democratized private jet photos for all wanna-be Instagram creators or that time he painted an entire house pink in LA.

We asked Matty Mo a few questions…

List your primary platform(s).

Matty Mo: (192k) - educational / humorous art content (475k)

What are you working on these days? (plug away)

Matty Mo: TMFA Community -- A social token-powered ($ART) community of +400 interdisciplinary artists around the world, known for projects that create headlines. Our mission is to create a place for creatives to learn, grow, and collaborate.

What aspects of the Creator Economy are you most excited about right now?

Matty Mo: NFT - we have created NFT projects, the most popular of which traded 480 ETH since inception in Feb 2021. $ART on - our social token that powers our community economy.

Are there any tools or solutions you wish someone would build that would make your job as a Creator easier?

Matty Mo: Creator community CRM and social token community governance tools.

Describe the state of the Creator Economy in the year 3000?

Matty Mo: Jake Paul AI Robot boxing Elon Musk's great great great great great great great great great great granddaughter -- competing for .00002 BTC worth what would have been $200m USD (RIP USD)

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