Creator Q&A: @Cooopahtroopa

Building Creator X Crypto X Culture.

Once you move from “dabbling in crypto” to diving headfirst into the world of Web3 you will most certainly cross digital paths with the man known as @cooopahtroopa

Tech culture moves fast. Last year at this time everyone wanted to be a product manager at a big-name tech company, but by this time next year, everyone will want to be, whatever it is @cooopahtroopa (AKA Cooper Turley), is.

He’s intricately involved in the DAOs you wish you could join (e.g. Friends with Benefits ($FWB), Forefront, Seedclub), he’s an advisor, an investor, a crypto-socialite (I just made that up), and most importantly — he’s just a really nice guy on a mission from the crypto god(s).

He’s got some bold ambitions…

But once you get to know him more, you’ll soon realize he’s going achieve great things in this space — and he’s just getting started.

Big shout-out to @coopahtroopa for taking the time to answer a few questions and provide some insights into the future of the Creator X Crypto economy.

Q & A w/ Cooopahtroopa

List your primary communication channels (e.g Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Discord) and describe your primary communities (who are they, what do they have in common, etc)?


Friends with Benefits, Forefront, Seed Club, PleasrDAO, Bankless DAO.

All use Discord as a homebase, Snapshot for governance and Mirror for external communication.

Describe what you're working on these days? (This is your chance to plug anything you want!)

Full time DAOs. I work with 20+ internet communities to create digital assets which represent ownership. My work consists of org structure and go-to market strategy for cultural assets like governance tokens and NFTs. I'm an angel investor and an advisor to the Variant Fund where I look to invest in seed-stage crypto startups exploring the Creator Economy. I'm an advisor to 10 projects exploring tokenization through launching a DAO. I'm an avid NFT collector and a journalist who published industry reports on my Mirror - I'm a culture curator here in LA, helping creators onboard into web3 using platforms like Foundation, Rally and OpenSea.

What aspects of the Crypto X Creator Economy are you most excited about right now? (e.g Fan Monetization Tools, NFTs, Social Tokens, DAOs etc.)

I'm excited about investing in culture - namely through NFTs, social tokens and DAOs.

I'm passionate about the rise of micro-economies and sustainable models to develop crypto-native communities.

Are there any tools or solutions you wish someone would build (or you're building yourself) that would make creators’ jobs in this space easier?

Cultural Exchanges. Fully integrated web3 protocol to support the creation of Creator Economies and all assets and organizational structures that come with it.

Describe the state of the Creator Economy in the year 3000? (or just give some bold predictions for the not too distant future)

Every creator will have the ability to create a token in a minute or less. We will own thousands of tokens representing access and ownership to the brands, individuals and communities we spend our time consuming. Every fact of life will be tokenized, and all life will be entirely digital. The metaverse will be driven by digital assets and our consciousness will be integrated directly with online persona(s).

Any other random thoughts about the Creator Economy you want to add?

The Creator Economy is in its second inning. If you are exploring any remotely native aspect of creative work, you need to make crypto a primary focus immediately. It will unlock financial freedom and allow you to pursue a creative career in the most visceral way possible.

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