Creator Q&A: Colin & Samir

Creators Creating for Creators & the Crypto Renaissance

Colin and Samir are YouTube Creators based in Venice, Los Angeles. They got their start working on their first project, The Lacrosse Network - A YouTube sports network dedicated to lacrosse. Fast forward almost 10 years, thousands of YouTube videos, and millions of video views later to the Colin and Samir show — a show about creators, for creators.

Driven by million-dollar NFT sales and rising coin values, the last few months have birthed a crypto renaissance. In an effort to better educate themselves and their community about emerging blockchain trends and their seemingly endless possibilities for creators — Colin and Samir recently minted and sold their first NFT on @viamirror. The winning bidder would also be invited to join Colin and Samir's crypto advisory board to help them further integrate crypto into their creative process.

They documented their entire process, which is insanely informative for anyone unfamiliar but interested in learning more about the blockchain-powered creative process.

In this video, you can see the light bulbs growing brighter and brighter in Colin and Samir’s minds as they learn, adopt, and simplify the complex world of creating, minting, and auctioning an NFT.

The bidding war for the first Colin and Samir NFT took a sharp left turn so deep into the depths of the crypto buzzword world I would need another full article to explain exactly what happened, but tl;dr, it sold.

Creator-powered crypto will remain very complex, but there is no doubt the next growth phase of blockchain awareness and practical usage into mainstream culture will be fast and furious — powered by established Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok creators like Colin & Samir understanding, adopting, simplifying, and educating their communities through creative means.

We asked Samir a few questions about the creator economy…

List your primary platform(s):

Samir: (261k)

Describe your community (who are they, what do they have in common, etc)?

Samir: Aspiring Creators, Career Creators, People in the Creator Industry

What are you working on these days? (plug away)

Samir: Working on YouTube: The Colin and Samir Show as well as our Newsletter: The Publish Press

What aspects of the Creator Economy are you most excited about right now?

Samir: Most excited about Fan monetization tools and token gated communities. I think the creator to fan relationship offers incredible opportunities for creators of all sizes to make a living doing what they love. And I think the Token Gated community model offers fans to have a stake in the success of the communities their favorite creators build. At the end of the day, Creators make content WITH their communities, not FOR their communities - so any opportunity to bring that to life gets me excited.

Are there any tools or solutions you wish someone would build that would make your job as a Creator easier?

Samir: I truly don't think the membership platform has been figured out yet, a lot of good advancements but I don't see a platform that stands out yet. Additionally, I think content packaging on YouTube is an incredibly high barrier to entry. I'd love to see a title / thumbnail A/B testing tool similar to software found in newsletters.

Describe the state of the Creator Economy in the year 3000?

Samir: I think we’ll see a lot of very niche micro communities that operate with their own values and their own currencies. Creators building and monetizing communities of creators.

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