Creator Q&A: Alliestrasza

Building her own digital economy one Twitch stream at a time.

Surface level, Alliestrasza seems like a pretty typical Hearthstone Twitch streamer but when you dig a bit deeper you’ll discover Allie is light years ahead of her peers when it comes to building and growing her own digital economy with her community.

Her creator coin ($ALLIE) is one of the top valued Rally coins out there today and she’s laid the groundwork for how Twitch streamers, and creators in general, should be engaging with their communities. For example, $ALLIE coin holders are eligible to play along with her in $ALLIE coin tournaments cast on her Twitch channel and they get access to token gated rooms on her $ALLIE coin discord. She’s also working on a number of new opportunities coin holders from her community will be eligible to engage in.

Unlike some creators dabbling with their own creator coins, $ALLIE coin has been weaved deeply into her creative process and feels like the backbone of her cross-platform community, not an add-on, and this is why she’s been successful at getting adoption of it. No doubt it’s a heavy lift for a creator to launch, manage, and maintain all the aspects of a coin, but once they get that coin train moving, it won’t be easily stopped.

We asked Alliestrasza a few questions about her community and the creator economy.

List your primary platform(s):

Alliestrasza: (223K), (111k)

Describe your community (who are they, what do they have in common, etc)?

Alliestrasza: My community is built around video games, specifically card games. Card games attract a little bit older of a demographic than some other video games (24-35). I definitely have more of male audience as well.

What are you working on these days? (plug away)

Alliestrasza: I’m an active Twitch streamer where I mostly play Hearthstone. Allie Coin is becoming a big part of my life, though. I am working on building up the Allie Coin Discord community. I also host video game tournaments through the use of my creator coin. An Allie Coin YouTube channel is currently in the works! I'll be building content around creator economies in the crypto space. I'll be releasing the content this summer!

What aspects of the Creator Economy are you most excited about right now?

Alliestrasza: I think that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the idea of creating an economy around myself. I would love to create NFTs and possibly feature artists that I really love. I want to award my community for actively engaging with each other as well as myself. I'm looking forward to creating products and services that Allie Coin holders would have exclusive access to by holding my coin.

Are there any tools or solutions you wish someone would build that would make your job as a Creator easier?

Alliestrasza: I'd love to be able to have a streamlined way to send one time codes for premium discounts on my merchandise. That way, I could award my coin holders without fear that someone could share the link with anyone and abuse the system.

Describe the state of the Creator Economy in the year 3000?

Alliestrasza: More and more people are making content creation a full time career. Additionally, online communities are continuing to grow as so much of our lives are online now. So I would imagine that in the future, figureheads of online communities will all have their own social tokens to create a unique environment for their particular audiences. All of these creator coins will be easily transferrable to something like BTC or Eth. I see creator economies as little pockets of the internet that anyone can be a part of. Virtual reality capabilities will surely advance, so it is possible that social interaction in these communities will feel very real from the comfort of someone's home.

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